4 relatives Adilabad’s Bawarchi hotel owner die in a horrific road accident

Hyderabad: A speeding container rammed an Ertiga car from behind near Sitagondi in Gadi Hatnoor mandal of Telangana’s Adilabad district. 

Four people in the car died on the spot, while a girl is seriously injured. The car was badly crushed in the accident. 

The police said that the accident took place on the way from Hyderabad to Adilabad.

The deceased have been identified as Rafatullah Hashmi, engineer Bakal Gowda, Dr. Sabiha Hashmi, daughter of Rafatullah Hashmi, Wajahat Hashmi, son of Afroz Hashmi, SK Shamshu driver, KR Colony.
The deceased reportedly belong to the family of Afroz Hashmi, the owner of the famous Bawarchi Hotel in Adilabad.

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