Amit Shah coming to Hyderabad to spread hatred: KTR

Hyderabad: Slamming the BJP-led Central Government, TRS Working President and State Minister KTR today said that after 8 years of formation of Telangana, BJP has now remembered the September 17 issue.

He said that Union Home Minister Amit Shah is coming to Hyderabad to spread hatred between Hindus and Muslims.

Addressing a programme organized at Junior College Ground Sircilla as part of Telangana Integration Day celebrations, KTR questioned whether Amit Shah is bringing Rs 10,000 crore allocated for the state while coming to Hyderabad or is he bringing hate to Hyderabad?

He warned the people of Telangana to be wary of such parties trying to divide the people. If we are not vigilant against parties that spread hatred and mislead and divide the people, then Telangana will go decades back. KTR cautioned. He said that he had no hope that Amit Shah would announce any significant allocation for the state, nor he will announce financial assistance for the construction of any building other than school, college.

KTR said that he has been demanding the establishment of mega power loom clusters in Telangana for the past 8 years, but the Center has not responded to this significant demand.

I feel that Amit Shah will, as usual, make inflammatory speeches and spread hatred between Hindus and Muslims. He will deliver provocative speech on Nizam, Hindus-Muslims and try to garner votes.

KTR claimed that since Hindus and Muslims are living harmoniously in the state, the Telangana government has decided to organize three-day Telangana Integration Day celebrations on September 17. 

KTR believes that BJP will try to reopen old wounds. BJP wants that Hindus and Muslims do not do politics together. That is the reason why the state and central leadership of BJP is celebrating Hyderabad Liberation Day on Saturday, September 17.

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