CP inaugurates awareness stalls in Numaish

Hyderabad: Hyderabad City Police Commissioner C V Anand inaugurated various stalls of Hyderabad City Police– Road Safety Awareness, SHE teams and Anti-drug awareness stalls installed at Hyderabad’s iconic exhibition Numaish.

Talking to the media on the occasion, Anand said “These stalls gives an opportunity to the citizens to get an insider look of the state of the art technology used by Hyderabad City police for traffic management and the services offered by various other wings.People visiting the exhibition can have a friendly interaction with the staff available at the stall and educate themselves with traffic rules, road safety.”

In a lively interaction with the students, Anand shared his memories of visiting Numaish as a child and said that multiple visits are a must to do justice to the gargantuan fair. “Numaish is a shopaholic’s paradise and integral to the culture of Hyderabad. Reviving economy is the need of the hour and we will extend our support at all levels. “he said in a response to the extension request from the organisers.

“SHE teams, CCTV cameras and various crime teams were deployed to closely watch suspicious persons in the exhibition grounds.” he added.

The Hyderabad Traffic Police stall showcased the road safety signs, achievements and latest technology being.Laser speed guns, body worn cameras, and other devices were displayed.

A lot of commuters, visitors were educated on road safety measures, dangers of drugs and services of SHE teams.

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