Demolition of Masjid-e-Khaja Mehmood in Shamsabad: Section 144 clamped

Hyderabad: Section 144 (of the CrPc) has been imposed around the Masjid-e-Khaja Mehmood mosque in Shamsabad, following protests over demolition of the mosque by civic authorities. Various groups staged protest after the place of worship was demolished in the early hours of Tuesday. The RGIA police imposed Section 144 around the masjid site.

Shamsabad municipality officials claim that the mosque was built illegally. However, Majlis Bachao Tehreek (MBT) leader Amjedullah Khan told yesterday that Green Avenue Colony was plotted on 15 acres of land and sold after due permission from Shamsabad Grampanchayat. Two plots of 250 square yards were marked as a site for masjid. He also informed that a court case was underway after a local resident filed a petition in the local court contesting the legality of the mosque.

On Tuesday, Police took 11 people into preventive custody and released them later.

Workers from MIM, MBT and other parties staged a protest against the demolition of the mosque where five time prayer was being offered daily.

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