Fact check: Were mermaids spotted in Musi River in Hyderabad following heavy rains?

The video is tickling the funny bones of many social users.

Hyderabad: A video claiming that mermaids were found on the banks of Musi River after heavy rains lashed the city a few days back is doing rounds on social media.

The video is tickling the funny bones of many social users.

While some posted the video on YouTube and other social media platforms saying it is from Hyderabad few others claimed it is from Nalgonda district in Telangana.

However, Telangana Today claimed that the video is neither from Hyderabad nor Telangana. But the footage was taken from a YouTube video originally shared by a YouTube channel named JJPD Producciones two weeks ago. The channel stated that it is a paranormal video created by them for entertainment purposes and all images shown are fictional.

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