Hyderabad: Doctors remove 206 stones from man’s kidney; Give people a piece of advice for prevention

Hyderabad: Doctors at the Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital removed 206 stones from the kidney of a 56-year-old man from Hyderabad.

He got respite after 8 long years when doctors removed the kidney stones after an hour-long surgery.

Veeramalla Ramalakshmaiah, a resident of Nalgonda, had been on medication since long which was only able to provide him temporary relief. He was not able to perform his duties efficiently due to the pain.

So the doctors performed keyhole surgery that lasted for one hour, during which all stones were removed.

Ramalakshmaiah recovered well after the procedure and was discharged on the second day. NDTV reported.

Doctors at the hospital advised people to consume more water during summer to keep themselves hydrated as the high temperatures in summer increased cases of dehydration among people, which could result in formation of stones in the kidneys. They also recommended that people drink coconut water, if possible.

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