Ex-Hyderabad MLA arranges band baaja on 1st day of daughter’s school after pandemic

Hyderabad: Children were too bored being in home for the last two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting lockdown. Students were missing the school atmosphere as the classes continued virtually. Now, that things are back to normal and schools are finally reopening after a long wait, it comes as a matter of rejoice for almost all students.

The same was true for the daughter of former Hyderabad MLA Vishnu Vardhan Reddy (Jubilee Hills consistency). Reopening of school was no less than a festival for her. The ex-MLA made grand arrangements to send his daughter to school on the first day of reopening.

As reported by India Today, he hired musicians to play traditional instruments as his daughter made her way to school in a car.

Reddy’s daughter, Janasri Reddy, studies in the eighth grade in Chirec International School. News 18 quoted former MLA as saying “She was at home for almost three years and now she is going to school. I want to make it more memorable and give her more encouragement. So I arranged for the band.”

The ex-MLA not only arranged the band for his daughter but also sent her to school in a new car from their home in Domalaguda.

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