Hyderabad: Now buy gold at ATM; here’s how

Hyderabad: Now, people can buy gold as easy as taking out money from an ATM machine. Those who are planning to buy the yellow metal need not visit physical jewellery stores as they can do so through ATM machine.

The Hyderabad-based Goldsikka Pvt Ltd has set up a gold ATM, the country’s first real-time gold dispensing machine.

Taking to twitter, the company announced the setting up of a gold ATM, “We proudly announce that we have successfully launched Gold ATM and, through this achievement, we unleash the unstoppable journey to make Bharat Sone ki Chidiya phir se, and contribute to the mission of Bangaru Telangana.”

Gold ATM is easy to use and is available 24×7. Debit card or credit card can be used for making transactions. Buyers can instantaneously purchase actual gold using any credit or debit card. The gold ATM supplies in denominations ranging from 0.5 gms to 100 gms.

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