Hyderabad police stops Sharmila from leaving house

Sharmila was on her way to the Telangana High Court to attend the hearing of her petition seeking permission to resume her padyatra.

Hyderabad: Police stopped YSR Telangana Party (YSRTP) leader Y. S. Sharmila from leaving her house in Hyderabad on Tuesday.

Sharmila was on her way to the Telangana High Court to attend the hearing of her petition seeking permission to resume her padyatra.

Police did not allow the YSRTP leader to come out of her Lotus Pond residence. The party said she was illegally detained by the police. It alleged that police vehicles were used to block Sharmila’s car from coming out of the residence.

Sharmila asked the police officers if she was kept under house arrest. She wanted them to show the orders.

Later, talking to reporters, she lashed out at Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao and his government for keeping her in house arrest without any notice.

“We have the permission, but KCR continues to shoot through the police’s shoulders.

“We have moved the lunch motion in the court and I am on my way to the court. They say I have no permission to go out. Did this happen to the leader of any other political party till date?

“The cops are in hundreds of numbers, but without a single-word answer to my questions. Our supporters and activists have been stopped from meeting me and visiting me. How can I be stopped from approaching the court?” she asked.

She alleged that CM KCR is abusing the police machinery like his domestic helpers

“Is this democracy or Afghanistan? Is this the golden Telangana KCR often refers to, where our fundamental rights are trampled under the iron feet of the abusive government machinery?” Sharmila asked.

The YSRTP leader was discharged from hospital on Monday. She was admitted to the hospital in the early hours of Sunday after being arrested from her residence where she was on indefinite strike since Friday.

Sharmila was on indefinite fast protesting denial of police permission for her Praja Sangram Padyatra. As her condition started deteriorating, police shifted her to hospital.

Sharmila was detained by the police on Friday after she sat on the fast at Dr Ambedkar’s statue at Tank Bund in the heart of the city. She was dropped at her residence. She, along with her supporters, began the fast on a road near their residence. She was detained again and was forced to move into the house.

The YSRTP leader then started her fast in the house. Her mother also joined her in solidarity.


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