Hyderabad Police Trace Minor Girl’s Murder to Mother in Rajasthan

The police have reportedly arrested three persons, including the girl's mother, in Rajasthan and brought them to Hyderabad.

Hyderabad: Hyderabad police have cracked the murder mystery of a minor girl, whose body was found in a colony in the heart of the city more than a week ago, with the arrest of her mother.

The police have reportedly arrested three persons, including the girl’s mother, in Rajasthan and brought them to Hyderabad.

As initially suspected by the police, the girl was murdered at some other place in the city and her body dumped near Jalagam Vengala Rao Park.

The girl’s mother allegedly killed the daughter after the latter came to know of her extramarital relations.

Police are likely to announce the breakthrough in the case later in the day.

The body of a girl, aged about five years, was found on November 4 at Dwarakapuri Colony near Road Number One Banjara Hills in the heart of the city.

Punjagutta Police had registered a case of death under suspicious circumstances and took up investigations.

While there were no external or bleeding injuries, autopsy report indicated that she had suffered internal injuries due to forcible impact on stomach and back near her lungs, liver and kidneys.

The police subsequently started treating the case as a murder. There were rumours of black magic but the police had ruled out the same as the throat was not slit as seen in such cases.

The case had become a challenge for the investigators as there were no CCTV cameras at the spot where the body was found. They scanned the footage from CCTV cameras in adjoining locations and started working on some vital clues.

The police then started working to identify the person who had dumped the body. They worked on leads and the accused were finally tracked down in Rajasthan.


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