Hyderabad witnesses increase in cases of viral fevers

Hyderabad: City is witnessing a significant increase in cases of viral fevers, thanks to fluctuating weather conditions. Although not grievous in nature, individuals are taking at least a week to recover from infections.

Patients with dry cough, body pains and fevers are visiting outpatient facilities at almost all the Government hospitals, nursing homes and clinics in Hyderabad.

However, the infections are not grievous in nature and almost all such patients are testing negative for Covid-19, but have typical symptoms of the corona virus.

The cough is reported to have been quite stubborn and refuses to subside, even after a week’s medication.

Experts have urged people to take precautions and avoid getting infected as they may end-up spending at least a week in the bed.

Doctors however comforted by saying that these are seasonal infections and are not fatal. They have said that there has been a rise in asthma attacks and allergic reactions to cold and dry weather as well, apart from viral infections.

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