Hyderabadi engineer dies while enjoying scuba diving during honeymoon

Hyderabad: A software engineer from Hyderabad died of a heart attack in Indonesia. 

Vamshi Krishna, an engineer, had gone to Indonesia on January 13 for honeymoon with his wife Shrivani. 

The couple went out on the morning of the 22nd for fun in the island of Pineda in Bali. Vamshi wanted to go scuba diving there to see the marine fishes. For this, Vamshi put on an oxygen mask and diving shoes and went into the sea. Meanwhile, he suffered a heart attack and drowned.

Vamshi’s body was found in the evening the same day. Doctors said he died of a heart attack while diving. 

Vamshi’s family members said that his mortal remains will reach Hyderabad by tomorrow evening. Vamshi Krishna, a native of Nagol, Hyderabad, was married to Shrivani in June last year. He qualified the Telangana Group 1 prelims exam and was now preparing for Mains.

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