Man booked for sacrificing 101 goats for Owaisi’s long life

Hyderabad: A businessman had sacrificed 101 goats for long life of Hyderabad MP and AIMIM supremo Asaduddin Owaisi after he survived an attack in Uttar Pradesh recently. The sacrifice was made on February 6, at Bagh-e-Jahanara, Madannapet Colony, Hyderabad.

However, his show of love for Owaisi proved dear to him after an animal rights organisation, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), registered an FIR against him.

As reported by India Today, the FIR was registered under Sections 4 and 5(b), read with sections 6 and 8, of the Telangana Animals and Birds Sacrifice Prohibition Act, 1950, and Sections 3, 11(1)(a), 11(1)(l), and 38(3) of The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act, 1960.

While, the Section 4 prohibits anyone from officiating, performing, or participating in sacrificing an animal in any congregation, Section 8 makes all offences under the Act cognizable.

Pointing out that Section 5(b) of the Telangana Animals and Birds Sacrifices Prohibition Act, 1950, clearly states no person shall knowingly allow any sacrifice to be made at any place that is in their possession or under their control, In its complaint, PETA India quoted the Supreme Court ruling which stated that animals can be slaughtered only in officially licensed slaughterhouses.

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