Man who claims to be Raja Singh’s nephew and converted to Islam booked

Hyderabad: Hyderabad Cyber Crime police on Wednesday filed a case against a man who claimed to be Raja Singh’s nephew and said he converted to Islam.

The action was taken after a video clip went viral in which a person claiming to be BJP MLA T Raja Singh’s nephew said that he has converted to Islam. He added that his name is now Md Siddique.

Case has been registered under section IPC 153 A , 505(2) IPC against the person and the other person who introduces him in the video and 8 others YouTube channels who have uploaded this fake news.

Hyderabad City Police invoked the Preventive Detention Act (PD Act) against the suspended BJP leader T Raja Singh and arrested him for his remarks on the Prophet (pbuh) last month.

Suspended BJP MLA Raja Singh was sent to Cherlapally Jail on August 25. Police claimed that Singh has been “habitually delivering provocative and inflammatory speeches” and “driving a wedge between communities leading to public disorder”. The police found the detainee’s comments as very blasphemously against Prophet Mohammed and his lifestyle. Telangana Today reported.

Suspending the MLA, the BJP said his remarks were against the party’s line.

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