Telangana BJP chief poof-poohes CM KCR’s announcement of free power to all farmers in India

He pointed out that wherever there were ED raids in the country to unearth scandals, the names of KCR’s son, daughter and nephew were surfacing.

Hyderabad: Telangana Bharatiya Janata Party president Bandi Sanjay on Tuesday pooh-poohed state Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s announcement that he would ensure free power supply to farmers all over the country if a non-BJP government was formed at the Centre after the 2024 general elections.
“It is like a man, who cannot feed his own mother, promising to buy golden bangles to his aunt. It is ridiculous that the chief minister who has pushed the power distribution companies (Discoms) in the state into huge losses to the tune of Rs 70,000 crore is promising free power supply to farmers across the country,” Sanjay said, while speaking to media persons at the state BJP headquarters.

He pointed out that wherever there were ED raids in the country to unearth scandals, the names of KCR’s son, daughter and nephew were surfacing. The chief minister was afraid that the ED raids would ultimately lead to the collapse of his government, he said.

“In order to divert the attention of the people from these scams, KCR he is going from town to town holding public meetings and boasting of going to national politics.

The man who cannot rule his own state properly is dreaming of ruling the country,” he criticised.
Stating that there are no takers for KCR’s BJP-Mukt Bharat slogan, Sanjay reminded that even Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar did not take the TRS chief seriously and walked out of his press conference.
He should fulfil all the promises made to the people of Telangana first before contemplating going to national politics.

“He should give an explanation to the people why he had increased power tariff and RTC bus fares. Only then, he can talk about national politics. We don’t care even if he takes to international politics,” he said.
Sanjay alleged that KCR was trying to fix electricity meters to the agriculture pumpsets and thrown the blame on the Narendra Modi government. “In the name of free power supply to farmers, the KCR government has abnormally increased power tariff for domestic consumers,” he said.
Ridiculing the farmers’ agenda of the chief minister, the BJP state president said it was nothing but a high drama to cheat the farmers.

“The farmers’ representatives are not believing him. He has sent special flights to bring a few farmers’ association leaders and tried to brainwash them. Let him take them to the evacuees of Mallannasagar and the badly damaged Kaleshwaram pump house. He will get thoroughly exposed,” he said.
He expressed confidence that the BJP would win the by-election to Munugode hands down, as was disclosed by various surveys.

“The people of Munugode will not believe the theatrics of KCR,” he said.
On the death of four women due to botched sterilisation surgeries at Ibrahimpatnam community health centre, Sanjay said never in the past had the state witnessed such a gory incident. He found fault with the appointment of health director as the inquiry officer.
“It is like giving the house keys to the thief. The health director has been facing severe allegations of corruption and malpractices in postings, promotions and deputations. He is being protected because he regularly shares the booty with the chief minister and health minister,” the BJP leader alleged.
He said it was unfortunate that neither the health minister nor the health director bothered to call on the families of the victims. They thought they could get away by paying ex gratia of Rs 5 lakh each to the victim’s families.

Later, addressing the BJP SC Morcha state secretaries meeting, Sanjay said the by-election to Munugode would be the stepping stone for the party’s victory in the next assembly elections.
“Wherever we go, there is a talk that the BJP is the only party which can pull down the TRS government. We need to struggle hard to make this talk a reality,” he said.
Stating that the SC Morcha would play a major role in the BJP’s victory in the next elections in Telangana, Sanjay pointed out that the BJP had given utmost importance for the emancipation of Dalits in the country by implementing various welfare schemes.

He called upon the SC Morcha workers to take these facts to every doorstep. At the same time, they should expose the failures of the KCR government in the uplift of Dalits to the people, he said.

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