Telangana Waqf Board loses Prime Property belongs to Dargah Hazrat Hussain Shah Wali RH

Hyderabad: Telangana Government has won a battle on Manikonda Jagir lands of 1654.32 acres as the Supreme Court today gave a verdict in its favour. The court set aside a verdict of the High Court came in favour of the Waqf Board on Apr 3, 2012.

In its judgment the Supreme Court has directed that the entire land in Manikonda Jagir belongs to the state government. The court asked the government to make payments in six months to anyone with regard to donated lands.

If there is any evidence on land the Waqf Board can issue notices with complete details. The court directed the officials to give survey related details to the government.

The court also instructed the Waqf Board to follow norms on land grabbing cases and avoid violations.  With the Supreme Court judgment coming in the favour of the state government the long pending issue came to an end.

The State government pleaded in the Supreme Court with all details of the lands in Manikonda Jagir. On hearing the case with details, the apex court has confirmed that 1654.32 acres land in Manikonda Jagir belongs to the state government and Wakf Board has no land in the same area, according to information.

With this the long term battle between the state government and Wakf Board came to an end.

The government informed the court that it was ready to pay Rs 50,000 cr if it was proved that the lands belong to Wakf Board. The land details prove that the lands are of the government and the Wakf Board has nothing to do with the same, the government counsel pleaded, according to information.

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