What lies in store for Numaish 2023?

Hyderabad: Although the exhibition society was trying its best to see that at least 80 percent of the stall owners start their commercial activities from the opening day itself, in the Numaish 2023 which is scheduled to begin in Hyderabad on January 1, the All India Industrial Exhibition (AIE) Society is yet to receive permission from various government departments.

According to the sources, the society has so far received no objection letters from the fire department only. However, the society is still waiting for permissions from R&B, GHMC, and various other government departments. The permission is expected to be received in the next 2-3 days.

Besides, the number of Covid-19 cases in the country and city is also on the rise while many other countries across the world are struggling to fight against the pandemic.

So it remains to be seen if the popular Numaish could be inaugurated on January 1 as per the tradition.

The entry price of Numaish this year will be increased to Rs. 40 for adults.

The exhibition could not be held as per schedule for the last four years due to regulations related to Covid-19 and an earlier fire incident.

In 2023, the exhibition society is hoping for the best.

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