Who will be the next Telangana Waqf Board Chairman?

Hyderabad: The Telangana State Waqf Board elections are scheduled for February 28 as the term of the current Board ends on February 22.

Several key personalities of the Muslim community are filing their nominations for the upcoming board elections.

The TSWB comprises of 11 members. While five of the members are nominated by the government, the remaining six members are elected by voters.

Nomination of one Shia and one Sunni scholar, two women – one each from Shia and Sunni sect and a government official above the rank of Deputy Secretary is being done by the government.

Elected members include one from the MP Quota, two from Legislative Council and Assembly quotas, one from Bar Council and remaining two from the Mutawalli and Managing Committee of Waqf institutions.

As reported by Telangana Today the board has received around 20 nominations so far from all categories except the MP quota. Prominent among those who have filed in their nominations are TRS MLC Farooq Hussain, Karwan legislator Kauser Mohiuddin, advocate Zakir Hussain and religious leader Akbar Nizamuddin.

Voting will be done on February 28 where 475 voters will vote. Presently Mohd Saleem has been chairing the Board for five years.

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