Why should you be wary of an unsolicited package? Cyberabad police warn people

Hyderabad: If you receive a delivery package with weird stuff like hair clips, creams, and sunglasses that you never even ordered at all or get fake messages from courier companies asking you to keep money handy and pay the delivery executive for online order, then don’t hesitate to contact Cyber Crime police station as these deliveries can be part of a new scam.

Warning people about the scam which involves a man posing as a delivery agent and handing you some random parcel while demanding money, the Cyber Crime Wing of Cyberabad police on Tuesday further revealed that in case you refuse the package, they will ask you to tell the OTP that you received for rating purposes. Cyberabad police warned that once you tell them the OTP, your internet banking or credit card details get stolen. Telangana Today reported.

The report added, ‘In case you accept the package and are willing to pay the minimal fee too, scammers will send the link asking you to make the delivery payment. Once you click on the link, you’re giving them access to your internet banking or credit card details.’

Cyberabad police have asked people to contact the Cyber Crime police station by sending a mail to dcp-dd-hyd@tspolice.gov.in or calling on 040-27852412, if they receive an unsolicited package or gift.

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