Bajrang Dal activists harass Muslim shopkeepers, ask Hindus to stop trading with Muslims

Islamophobia in Karnataka

Bengaluru: Bajrang Dal activists are harassing Muslim shopkeepers during ongoing Ugadi fair in Karnataka. The video went viral on social media.

A twitter user shared the video stating: “#bajrangdal members patrolling streets in Nelamangala #Ugadi fair in #Bengaluru asking #Hindus vendors not to buy meat from #Muslim shopkeepers.”

He also shared a poster claiming: “Posters have been printed asking #Hindus to avoid doing business with ##Muslim vendors during Ugadi.”

The posters are being circulated asking Hindus to completely stop trading with Muslims.

Karnataka has witnessed several instances of Islamophobia over the past months. Recently, Bajrang Dal activists called for a Muslim Boycott at the annual temple fair. They also distributed pamphlets demanding the ban on Muslim vendors around the temples in Shivamogga and Udupi.

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