Bengaluru Doctor Infected with Omicron Doing Fine

The Bengaluru-based anesthesiologist doctor, one among the first two persons to be detected with the new Covid-19 variant 'Omicron' in the country is doing fine now.

Bengaluru: The Bengaluru-based anesthesiologist doctor, one among the first two persons to be detected with the new Covid-19 variant ‘Omicron’ in the country is doing fine now. His primary contacts are his wife, an ophthalmologist; daughter and another doctor who is also an ophthalmologist, are also recovering well, according to sources in the health department.

The doctor is now under isolation and observation at the designated hospital. His wife and daughter are also being treated there. An entire floor of the designated hospital has been reserved for the treatment of Omicron variant infected as well as suspected cases. Presently, six persons are being treated and kept under observation here.

Sources in the hospital explained that as many as 60 beds are reserved to deal with any eventuality. The staff who are attending them have been advised not to visit other wards or roam around in the premises of the hospital.

“We are all friends. The doctor affected by Omicron says he is absolutely fine. We speak to each other and talk among ourselves that the virus is just like earlier Covid infection. The primary contacts are also doing fine without any complications. They do not have any breathing issues or serious complications and we are following the same treatment as earlier given to Covid patients,” a senior doctor who is monitoring the treatment, explained.

“It is just another Covid strain. Normal Covid protocols known to us are being followed. We are prepared. The infrastructure has been updated in the hospital. Pediatric training has been given to doctors and all doctors are also capable of ICU management. We are better prepared to face Covid third wave than the first and second,” he explained.

The doctor found that the Omicron variant first showed symptoms of severe body ache, chills and mild fever. He didn’t have any breathing issues till date and saturation levels remained normal. He was admitted to hospital following dizziness. After being treated with monoclonal antibodies, he bounced back to normalcy without any symptoms, sources said.

The doctor who was discharged earlier on November 29 following RT-PCR negative report was readmitted following latest test results showing positive result for Omicron variant. His daughter aged five and wife are also in the same hospital. The daughter has brought her books and bag to the hospital. She is asymptomatic and tested negative for Covid, sources explained.

BBMP authorities have conducted tests on the doctor’s parents and brother’s family. The doctors say, Omicron variant may not be so serious and life threatening going by the recent experience of the patient and his primary contacts. The doctor’s house is being sealed off in Bengaluru.


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