Fact check: Has Muskan Khan gone to foreign country to meet ‘terrorists’?

Some Kannada news channels and websites are spreading false propaganda and hate campaign against Mandya Hijab girl Muskan Khan. The Kannada channels claim that Muskan Khan has gone to foreign country without police permission. Although no case is registered against her and she need not take police permission to leave the country. A corner of the media also spread rumours that she might have gone to visit ‘terrorists’.

Fact checker AltNews co-founder Mohammed Zubair exposed the truth by sharing the screenshots of Kannada news channels tweeting, “Hate Campaign against Mandya Hijab girl Muskaan by Kannada Channels. They claim that She ‘Flew’ to foreign country. Some have come up with a conspiracy that she might have gone to meet ‘Terrorists’. Just spoke to her, She has gone to Umrah & currently in Madina.”

In another tweet he shared the screenshot of his WhatsApp chat with Muskan Khan in which he sends the link of Kannada News Channel informing her that they are running propaganda against her. Replying to this Muskan writes Alhamdulillah our SP has spoken about it and gave the statement about this.

Tagging Mandya police and DGP Karnataka in his tweet, Zubair asks, “Can’t there be any action against these Kannada News Channel running hate Propaganda against a girl. The ‘news’ is now shared by RW facebook pages.” @Hatewatchkarnat can there be a case filed against these channels? CC: @MandyaPOlice @DgpKarnataka

He has also tagged Hate Watch Karnataka asking can  there be a case filed against these channels?

Unbiased and independent media organisation Kroordarshak in its comment on Mohammed Zubair’s tweet has posted Muskan’s picture taken near Kabah.

Claiming that Muskan need not take permission from the police to visit any country as no complaint has been lodged against her, Hate Watch Karnataka in its tweet states, “But Muskan does not need to obtain permission from the police to visit any country and no complaint has been lodged against her” said Mandya District Superintendent of Police Yatish A.N.”

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