Groom gifts self-scripted copy of Quran to bride in mehr

Bangalore: In a unique marriage ceremony, a groom gifted self-scripted copy of Quran to his bride in mehr in Bangalore. The groom says he has revived the Sunnah of Imam Zainul Abideen.

The groom, Shoaib, wrote the copy of Quran in Roman English. It took him two years to write it. He gifted the copy to his wife Huzaifa in mehr at their bid day. The bride is very happy to get such a unique mehr.

Bride’s father Chand Pasha distributed the copies of the Holy Quran among all the guests who attended the wedding so that the message of Quran could reach everyone. He is also happy that he has got such a religious son-in-law.

Maulana Afaq Badri Kazmi, groom’s father, thanked Allah for blessing him with such a religious and good mannered son.

On the occasion, bride’s father distributed 605 copies of Quran in 7 languages.

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