Hindu group harasses Muslim family near Udupi Temple; ask them to leave

Udupi: A Muslim family having a picnic close to a temple in Karnataka’s Udupi was harassed by a group of activists belonging to Sri Rama Sene. They were forced to vacate the premises.

Members of the right-wing Hindu group alleged that the family was ruining sanctity of the temple by cooking fish.

The Quint reported that the Muslim family had travelled to the banks of river Seethanadi from Mangalore for a day out.

#sriramsene members accused a #Muslim family of spoiling the sanctity of a #temple and serpant shrine by preparing fish near it. The family who had come 4m #Mangalore for picnic had camped on the banks of Seethanadi, #Udupi.They later apologized to sene members & left the place.

The men were heard shouting at the Muslim family for coking meat near the temple and asking will they (Muslims) keep quiet if somebody cuts open a pig in front of a mosque.

The Muslim family apologized to the Hindu group members and left the place.

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