“I am a Hindu but I am opposed to Hindutva” Siddaramaiah

Hubballi: Former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Friday asserted that he is a Hindu but is opposed to Hindutva. The Leader of Opposition in the Karnataka assembly said, he never opposed Ram Temple in Ayodhya but was against using it for political gain.

The Congress leader claimed that they were never opposed to the Ram Temple; their objection was only using it against people of other faith for political gain.

He wondered how can he be anti-Hindu, when he constructed many Ram temples in the rural areas of Karnataka. “I am opposed to Hindutva and politics around Hindu faith. All the faiths are equal according to the Indian Constitution,” Siddaramaiah is quoted to have said.

Siddaramaiah who accepted BJP national general secretary C T Ravi calling him ‘Siddaramullah Khan’ as a complement because it endorsed his secular credential, pointed out that no one from the Hindu Mahasabha and the RSS took part in India’s independence movement.

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