Lingayat Mutt scandal: Mother of victims writes to Prez, seeks justice or mercy killing

"Give justice or grant us mercy killing. You are the representative of oppressed classes. You are like a mother to us and give us justice," the letter read.

Mysuru (Karnataka): The mother of two victims in the Lingayat Mutt sex scandal on Monday wrote a letter to President Droupadi Murmu, mentioning that they either be given justice or granted consent for mercy killing.

“Give justice or grant us mercy killing. You are the representative of oppressed classes. You are like a mother to us and give us justice,” the letter read.

“Few officers have come to the conclusion that the accused seer had not done anything and it is a conspiracy by us and our children,” the letter complained.

“After lodging, we and our children have lost shelter. We have been struggling for food. The persons, who are giving shelter to us, are seen suspiciously,” the mother stated.

“The slogan of ‘beti padav and beti bachao’ is being turned into a joke. We want justice. After my husband left me, I attempted to commit suicide. Someone suggested that I go to Murugha Mutt and there I started my life,” she explains.

“Motherly President, my two daughters were taken to the private room of the seer. They were brought back after sexual assault. In that situation also I was helpless. Who will listen to us? Who will help us? I was awaiting the day of justice, silently swallowing the pain,” the mother explained.

“Me and my daughters are one among those who lost shelter after the sexual assault case came to light. Many children have come to me and shared their sexual exploitation. Now, my decision to get justice through the Odanadi institution is being seen as an offence,” she said.

“Those who helped us are being punished. Is it possible for a poor mother to pledge the character of daughters to make false allegations? The people who have told the truth are subjected to legal action. This is an insult to the truth, it is an insult to the law which has been framed to protect children and a section of police officers seems to have come to the conclusion that it is a conspiracy.

“I am seeking justice on behalf of lakhs of mothers and daughters who have been victims. Please consider my plea on an emergency basis. Let me and my daughters live in dignity. Otherwise, please give consent for mercy killing,” the letter says.


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