Miscreants enter historic Mehmood Gawan Madrasa; presence of temple claimed

Bengaluru: On Dussehra, members of Hindu organizations entered Bidar’s historic Mehmood Gavan madrasa and claimed that a temple is located near the madrasa.

Today, Muslims protested against the incident and demanded that the culprits be arrested. The local people said that the incident took place at around one o’clock in the night. The crowd was chanting Jai Shri Ram, Jai Hindu Dharma and Vande Mataram

They also performed puja in the mosque premises. Sources said that Mahmood Gawan Madrasah and Mosque is under the Archeology Department. A video went viral. In the afternoon, members of the Muslim community and officials of the Archeology Department lodged a complaint with the police.
An FIR has been registered and one person has been taken into police custody. According to a separate report, the police said that on Wednesday evening, the crowd broke the locks of the madrassa. They stood on the steps of the madrassa and chanted Jai Shri Ram and Jai Hindu Dharma. Later performed pooja in a corner.

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