No development, if you don’t vote for me, K’taka BJP MLA tells Muslims in viral video

He went on to say that if Muslims came to his home, he would offer them coffee but not ensure development and won't do anything they need.

Bengaluru: A video of BJP Karnataka MLA J. Preetham Gowda telling Muslims that if they don’t vote him in the upcoming Assembly elections, he won’t take up any development activity for them has gone viral on social media.

The remarks have drawn sharp criticism from the people. In the video, MLA Preetham Gowda, the MLA from Hassan, while addressing a gathering in Hassan city’s Muslim-dominated Srinagar locality was heard saying he had treated people of all communities as brothers in the last four years.

He went on to say that if Muslims came to his home, he would offer them coffee but not ensure development and won’t do anything they need.

“I will continue to treat you equally as brothers. But, you did not vote for me in the 2018 assembly elections and municipal elections. You did not vote for BJP in parliamentary elections. I will not do more than to ensure proper water, road and drainage facilities,” Pritham Gowda said.

Pritam Gowda maintained that he was just asking for wages for the labor he had put in to ensure developmental activities for Muslims. Referring to the crowd, he said: “You are all daily wage workers. You will get angry if your wages are not paid. Don’t you think even after getting work from me, if you don’t vote, I will get upset?

Pritham Gowda won from Hassan city in 2018 giving a rude shock to JD-S. Former Prime Minister H.D. Deve Gowda hails from Hassan and entire district politics is dominated by Gowda family.

The BJP managed to shock JD-S by ensuring the win of Pritham Gowda. He had challenged Deve Gowda’s family that he would win this time by the margin of 50,000 votes and asked them to stop him from that.


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