Online campaign launched against K’taka seer

The forum has alleged that the police was protecting the seer instead of initiating legal action against him.

Bengaluru: In connection with the demand for justice for two minor girls, who have come forward to lodge a POCSO case against the powerful Lingayat seer Dr Murugha Shivamurthy Sharanaru, an organisation named Naija Horatagarara Vedike on Tuesday started an online campaign.

Led by activist and progressive thinker H.M. Venkatesh and like-minded personalities, the forum has alleged that the police was protecting the seer instead of initiating legal action against him. The forum was also proposing to file a PIL in the Karnataka High Court.

The campaign has criticised the politicians for supporting the powerful religious seer instead of the victims. The forum has also urged the prominent personalities in the state and the country to return the awards given by the accused seer.

Meanwhile, the police department has tightened security in all four entrances and exit gates of the mutt. The Karnataka State Reserve Police (KSRP) and District Armed Reserve (DAR) platoons have been deputed to the premises of the mutt to face any situation.

The victim girls have demanded a judicial probe into their case from the government. The victims have claimed that they have got the videos of the sexual assault and they will submit only if judicial probe is ordered, sources explained.

Karnataka local court has adjourned the hearing of the bail petition submitted by the accused seer to September 1. Clamour was rising for legal action against Murugha seer. NGO Odanadi, which had brought out the scandal, has cried foul play with the way the case was being handled by the Karnataka Police.

According to police, the victim students who stayed at the residential facility of the mutt were sent to the seer’s room on one or the other pretext. There, the girls were given food or drink laced with drugs and seer would allegedly sexually exploit them.

The victims have said that there are many more girls at the Mutt who have been sexually exploited. Considering the clout and political influence of the accused Lingayat seer, the victims came to Mysuru and approached the Odanadi NGO for assistance.


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