KTR Idea to Merge Secunderabad Cantonment Board into GHMC

While some responded saying it was an "absolute yes" and that such a merger was "long overdue" some said, any change that brings improvement was welcome.

Hyderabad: Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development, IT and Industries, K. Tarak Rama Rao has put forward his idea on Twitter to merge Secunderabad Cantonment Board into Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC).

The Minister, reacting to a couple of news reports, today, where citizens “overwhelmingly opined that Secunderabad Cantonment Board has to be merged in GHMC, he tweeted that he too was in agreement to the idea and asked the people for their opinion.

The tweet got the response from the people, saw a majority of the people responding favourably to the concept of a merger, which in fact, has been a long standing demand of the people living in the Cantonment, citing a lack of apathy from the Cantonment Board towards public grievances, running from water supply issues, garbage clearance and the condition of roads. 

While some responded saying it was an “absolute yes” and that such a merger was “long overdue” some said, any change that brings improvement was welcome.

Others pointed out that while the infrastructure in the rest of the city had strategically developed in the last few years, the “poorer” among the twin cities was remaining as it was without expressways or road extensions, not to forget the restrictions put by the Local Military Authority on the public using several thoroughfares. 

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