Few should not have farm houses, Telangana governor’s swipe at KCR

The governor, who is said to be upset over the state government confining the celebration to Raj Bhavan for second year in a row, indirectly targeted CM KCR.

Hyderabad: Telangana Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan on Thursday took a swipe at Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao with the remark that few should not have farm houses.

The governor took the potshot during her speech at the Republic Day ceremony held at Raj Bhavan.

The governor, who is said to be upset over the state government confining the celebration to Raj Bhavan for second year in a row, indirectly targeted CM KCR.

“New buildings are not development. Nation building is development. All farmers and marginalized people should have farms and houses. Few should not have farm houses. That is not the development,” said Tamilisai.

Opposition parties, especially BJP, have been targeting KCR for his farm house and also palatial official residence Pragati Bhavan built a few years ago.

The governor’s comment came amid growing rift with the KCR government. On many occasions, she trained guns on the government for not respecting the office of the governor while ruling Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) attacked her for acting like a BJP leader.

During the Republic Day speech, the governor also praised the Narendra Modi government for sanctioning national highways and Vande Bharat train to Telangana.

Apparently deviating from prepared text and speaking in Telugu, the governor called for protecting self-respect of Telangana, safeguarding democracy and rights in Telangana. She said that her bond with Telangana goes beyond the three years she spent here as governor.

Tamilisai said she would continue to play her role in the development of Telangana. “My strengths are hard work, sincerity and love. Some people may not like me but I like Telangana and that’s why I will continue to work for Telangana despite all difficulties,” she said.

The governor also referred to what she called stressful conditions in Telangana. “National statics show every day 22 suicides occur in Telangana. That is approximately one suicide every hour,” she said and appealed to youngsters to be courageous saying life is challenging we have to face challenges by standing like a rock.

The governor said all institutions of democracy such as Constitutional authorities, elected government, public representatives, public servants and individuals must carry out their duties strictly as the Constitution of India mandates.

She said the very creation of Telangana was in the true spirit of the India Constitution. The Article 3 of the Constitution made creation of Telangana possible as per aspirations of people of Telangana after relentless fight for almost six decades.

She described Telangana as a unique blend of history, heritage and modernity which is known for its unity and diversity and is loved all over the world.

Tamilisai noted that Hyderabad with its unique historical and cultural significance is fast emerging as one of key symbols of India’s modern development and progress with strong presence in science and technology over the past few decades.

“Innovators, entrepreneurs and our highly talented IT professionals and institutions need special appreciation,” she added.


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