Health Care to all; Middle Class is missing in Telangana

In case of any unforeseen mishap, it is a situation where all the existing earnings are swept away. This is the situation of most middle class families.

Hyderabad: Health Insurance was not available to middle class families in Telangana, it is said 30 per cent of households are away from health insurance. Though the illness has been on the rise, at the same time the cost of medical treatment has increased tremendously.

In case of any unforeseen mishap, it is a situation where all the existing earnings are swept away.  This is the situation of most middle class families, this applied to below the poverty line as well as to the middle class families.

Even if the government is implementing health insurance plans, the middle class families are not covered. The State government is implementing the Arogyasree scheme, in addition, the Center has also implementing the Aayushman Bharat scheme, but these schemes are mainly implemented for families below the poverty line. Only those whose family annual income is upto Rs. 2.00 lakh are eligible for the Arogyasree Scheme. Under this 949 types of treatments are offered as per the prescribed package. 

There are no government insurance schemes for those who depend on self employment, those who work in the unorganized sector, migrant workers and employees who receive a moderate wage. Those families are in financial trouble if there is any health hazard.

It is the constitutional obligation of any government of the day to see that hundred percent of the population should have access to health insurance. It is mentioned that every citizen has a right to live a healthy life. If the premium is to be paid in this order, it should be commensurate with the income of the middle class family.

Many people still do not have a proper understanding of health insurance. Moreover, the premium rates of health insurance plans are also high. The premium prices of private insurance companies are almost equal to the monthly income of a middle class family.

As a result, the majority of people are moving away from insurance plans. The Telangana government should design and implement insurance plans that are suitable for middle class families as well.

Munsif News Bureau

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