Shocked by daughter-in-law’s death, father-in-law too passes away

HYDERABAD: Hearing the news of daughter-in-law’s untimely death, the elderly father-in-law also passed away due to shock. The incident took place on Tuesday night at a village of Komaram Bheem Asifabad in Telangana.
Jolaji, 75, reportedly collapsed on the floor of his house due to a heart attack on hearing the news of his daughter-in-law Lalita’s death.
30-year-old Lalitha, the wife of his elder son Gopala, delivered in a hospital in Kaghaz Nagar, however, the newborn died due to some complications.

Lalitha’s condition also worsened during the family planning operation and she died while being transferred to another hospital.
Upon hearing the news of his daughter-in-law’s death, Jolaji suddenly fell on the floor and died.

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