Telangana CM attempts to spread blatant lies in public meeting held in Nizamabad: Tarun Chugh

His lies against the Union Government are highly misleading and ridiculous, he said in a media statement here.

Hyderabad: BJP National General Secretary and Party Telangana State In-charge Tarun Chugh on Tuesday took strong exception to what he called ”blatant lies” that the Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao ”attempted to spread” while addressing a public meeting on Monday at Nizamabad.

His lies against the Union Government are highly misleading and ridiculous, he said in a media statement here.

Tarun said, the Chief Minister has every right to try his luck at the national level if people permit, but he should not take recourse to telling brazen lies to mislead the people of the nation.

After submerging the Telangana discoms in deep debts, if he would want to do the same thing at the national level, he can still do that, he said.

Tarun said, no one is talking about fixing motors to farm pumps, but KCR in every meeting talks about it.

He thinks that if a lie is repeated, people would believe it. But people are intelligent enough to discern between a lie and a fact. But KCR has the usual habit of underestimating the intelligence of the people.

Furthermore, why is he constantly mentioning the CBI and ED if he has done nothing wrong? A sense of guilt pricks him somewhere, and he is chanting the names of CBI and ED out of fear. If he has not done anything wrong, why is he scared? His repeated statement that he is not scared of the CBI and ED actually foregrounds his own fear. Looking at the way he is chanting the names of CBI and ED, I am reminded of a popular proverb in Hindi, Chor ki Dadi me Tika, which means a “guilty person needs no one to accuse him of a crime”. It is amply evident by his own statements that he has a guilty conscience and a sacred one, he added.

Further, KCR seems to have no trust in the constitutional mechanisms. The CBI and ED are constitutionally required to apprehend criminals. By dragging CBI and ED repeatedly into the fray, he would want to intimidate them without realising that they don’t get intimidated and would go by facts.

I think that KCR is talking about national politics because he realized that he has no place in Telangana, he added.

When the people of Telangana have decided to say ‘good bye’ to KCR, how could he think that Delhi would welcome him, Tarun questioned.

“There is already a long queue of national leaders in Delhi who would want to establish an alternative government to the BJP government at the national level, KCR can join the queue”, he said and called upon KCR not to drag statutory bodies into politics and take recourse to propaganda. It is a great disservice to democracy.

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