Video: Man trapped in 15-foot cave for 30 hrs due to cell phone; Rescue op underway

Kamareddy: A man has been trapped inside a 15-foot cave since Tuesday night in Telangana’s Kamareddy. Rescue operation is underway and police officials have deployed a JCB machine to save the man trapped between two boulders.

Officials are conducting rescue operations and have deployed a JCB machine to save the man who has been trapped inside a cave for over 30 hours. They are providing food and water to Raju.

The cave formed between two boulders is 15-foot-deep. The man is identified as Raju from Reddypet village. He had gone for a walk in the forest on Tuesday evening in the Singarayapalli forest area. While walking on top of the rocks, he fell into the cave between the rocks.

His family members tried to rescue him but in vain. Then they informed the police.

According to the DSP, Raju’s cell phone fell deep between the rocks. While removing the cell phone, he was trapped inside. He further informed that they have supplied water and ORS to him. He is safe as of now.

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