VRAs march towards Telangana Assembly leads to tension

Hundreds of protestors including women tried to march towards the Assembly from different directions but they were stopped by the police.

Hyderabad: A tense situation prevailed around Telangana Assembly complex as Village Revenue Assistants (VRAs) tried to lay siege to the building in support of their demands.

Hundreds of protestors including women tried to march towards the Assembly from different directions but they were stopped by the police.

At a few places, the protestors tried to break the police barricades, leading to scuffles. Dozens of protestors were arrested. The police also had to use force to control the situation.

The VRAs were demanding that the government fulfill its promise to revise their pay scale. They said the government should take a decision in this regard during the ongoing session.

The VRAs are on strike for the last 50 days demanding higher pay scales and job security. Two VRAs committed suicide during the last one week.

The protestors started the march from Indira Park but they were stopped by the police at Tank Bund, Ravindra Bharati, Telugu Talli flyover and adjoining areas. As rallies, meetings and other gatherings are banned in view of the situation, the police asked the protestors to disperse.

However, the VRAs tried to defy the prohibitory orders. This led to a tense situation. Police faced a tough time in controlling the protestors.

Later, a delegation of VRAs was allowed to meet Industry and Municipal Administration Minister K.T. Rama Rao in the Assembly premises and he assured VRAs that the government will positively consider their demands.

Rama Rao told VRAs that the government is ready for discussion with them. He urged them to withdraw the strike and join duties in view of the ongoing Telangana National Integration celebrations. The minister said after the celebrations come to an end, the Chief Secretary would hold talks with them.

Leaders and members of some teachers’ unions also tried to proceed towards the Assembly but were stopped by the police.

Telangana Congress’s fisheries cell also tried to march towards the Assembly building to demand the government to address the demands of fishermen. Protestors under the leadership of fisheries cell Chairman P. Saikumar Awere raising slogans. They alleged that Chief Minister KCR is doing injustice to fishermen.

Leaders and members of Reddy Sangham also staged the protest demanding the government set up the Reddy Corporation at a outlay of Rs 2,000 crore. Police arrested the protestors.

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