Where there is a will, there is a way; proves son of a shoe seller

Where there is a will there is a way. The saying came true for a boy named Sai Charan from Kamareddy Banswada.

Due to poverty he could not afford to go to coaching centers but he got MBBS seat after listening to classes on YouTube.

Balram and Vijayalakshmi live in a rented house in Sangameshwara Colony and make a living by running a shoe shop. They have three sons, the eldest son Sai Charan studied in Medal School till Intermediate.

Sai Charan wanted to become a doctor. But his parents could not afford to spend lakhs of rupees to provide him coaching.

Sai Charan wished to buy a mobile phone for him. On which, his grandmother gave ten thousand rupees. Rest of the money was paid by boy’s father. Thus Sai Charan bought the mobile and listened to classes online. He studied more than 18 hours a day to achieve success. Finally he cracked the competitive exam and got seat in MBBS.

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