Protesters in Sri Lanka urged to act with caution

Colombo: While President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has not departed for Singapore yet on the scheduled Singapore Airlines flight from Male awaiting to travel on a private aircraft, Sri Lanka’s Mahanayaka theras called on the Parliament speaker on Thursday to immediately summon Parliament and restore law and order in the country.
They requested the protesters to act non-violently. Police have used tear gas to disperse protesters near the Parliament junction.
Sri Lanka police said protestors have taken away a T-56 weapon & 2 magazines with 60 rounds of ammunition from a soldier, who was injured during Wednesday’s protest at Polduwa, Battaramulla, near the Parliament.
National Hospital Officials said that at least 84 persons were injured in Wednesday’s protests. Around 42 persons were injured at the Prime Minister’s residence on Wednesday morning while another 42 were injured at the near parliament during the night. There are 79 men and five women among the injured. An army officer, two police officers and two journalists are among them.
As Sri Lanka’s president fled leaving behind a tattered economy, the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights urged all Sri Lankans to exercise restraint and refrain from clashes.

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