Here’s how Namaz drives British tourist towards the journey to embracing Islam

A simple act of worship, the Namaz, changed the life of a British man who embraced Islam.

Giorgio Minomini, who has now changed his name to Mohammad, was on a holiday in Türkiye’s Mediterranean resort city of Antalya. After seeing his tour guide perform the prayer, Minomini felt curious about the act of worship. To know more about it, he began researching about Islam.

He was so impressed by the teachings of Islam that finally he decided to become Muslim and recited shahadah in a ceremony at a local mosque.

Sharing the news on its twitter handle, PTA News stated, “#British tourist accepted #Islam. Giorgio Minomini was on #holidasy in #tuerkiye’s city #Antalya when he saw his tour guide perform the prayer. He decided to become #Muslim. In a #ceremony at a local #mosque, he accepted Islam and changed his name to #Mohammad.

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