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Video: Raza, who went missing at 5, reunites with her family after 50 years

Raza went missing when she came to Bani Suif with her mother Ms. Tahiya Owais.

Cairo: The emotional scenes of reunion the Egyptian woman who went missing half a century ago with her family in the southern city of Luxor went viral on social media. While meeting with the long separated family member, the woman and her other relatives can be seen crying and shouting in happiness.

The emotional moments of reunion were recorded by “Al-Arabiya.net” It was an emotional scene to see them reuniting after a long time. Raza went missing when she came to Bani Suif with her mother Ms. Tahiya Owais.

On this occasion, Reza’s sister, who met her after five decades, said that she could not believe what was happening and had no hope that her younger sister would return to the folds of her family after being missing for so long.

However Raza was never disappointed all these years and had not lost hope of returning to her family. She prayed to Allah to prolong her life and her mother’s life so that they can meet one day.

“During my first contact with my mother, I felt like I was still a little girl. I was very eager to be hugged by my mother,” she said.

Raza’s mother, Tahiya Owais Ahmed, who is now an elderly woman, said that Raza was 5 years old when she was lost in a market,  they searched for her everywhere but in vain.

Raza’s mother said that she too had not given up hope of finding her and that her heart was telling her that she was alive until her brother surprised her by telling that he had found a woman resembling her missing daughter.

Raza was spotted on Facebook. Her mother also said she didn’t believe it until she heard her daughter’s voice on the phone.

The incident is trending on social media in Egypt. The story begins in the seventies of the last century when the little girl Raza went out with her mother Tahiya Owais, who worked as a vegetable vendor in the market of Al-Fishn city, and the girl went missing in the market. After being lost, little Raza boarded the train and went to the area of ​​Al-Saeed and reached the city of Al-Aqsaar.

 Since then, Raza stayed with the same family she met after she went missing. She grew up there, got married, and now has children. Now she is 50 years old, but the social networking website ‘Facebook’ helped her find her lost family.

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