Rare sight of Moon and Venus conjunction in the sky leaves people in awe

The sight in the sky has left many in awe. In fact, it was a surprise that also included a strange feeling of happiness.

It had to be, because the sight in the dark night sky was so beautiful that it was hard to look away. The moon shining in the night sky also looked very beautiful.

Night sky looked even more beautiful when a dot appeared on his forehead, which added to the curiosity. In no time, this dot on moon’s forehead went viral on social media.

The star was also shining so brightly that even the moon was less visible in front of it. While sharing this scene, people also associated this scene with spirituality.

Astronomers considered it a beautiful astronomical phenomenon. The shining star near the half moon also managed to attract attention as most women wear a bindi with a half moon above and a small dot below.

NASA has also shared a picture of this beautiful sight and explained the whole science. NASA’s Twitter handle said that the bright star seen near the crescent-shaped moon is actually the planet Venus.

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