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Cop tries to swallow bribe money; video goes viral

Video of a cop trying to swallow the bribe money went viral on social media. The Faridabad cop was caught red-handed as he was accepting bribe money in connection with a buffalo theft case. When a vigilance team which was chasing the errant police inspector was about to nab him, the sub-inspector tried to swallow the bribe money. The video of the incident which was caught on camera is now going viral.

The sub-inspector identified as Mahendra Ula reportedly demanded Rs 10,000 from Shambhu Nath, whose buffalo was stolen. On receiving an alert, the vigilance team laid a trap to catch Mahendra red-handed.

The viral video shows Mahesh putting the money inside his mouth while several officials can be seen engaged in a scuffle. The officials put their fingers inside the mouth to recover the notes after pinning him down on the ground.

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