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Here’s why a ration card owner continued barking like dog at officer; Watch viral video

A video in which a man can be seen barking like a dog, pushing a sheaf of papers through the window of a car marked “Executive Magistrate” went viral on social media. The man continued to barks and yowls till the official takes note of the paper.

The bizarre incident occurred in West Bengal, where a person stopped a government official in the middle of the road and started barking like a dog in front of him. The reason behind the strange manner of the man was because his name was wrongly spelt as ‘Kutta’ in the ration card. His sir name is Dutta but it was wrongly spelt as kutta.

He ran from pillar to post to get the name corrected but to no avail. Srikant Dutta got infuriated and protested in a unique way. He stopped the government officer’s car in the middle of the road and started barking in front of the officer. At first the officials could not understand the matter as to why this person was doing this, later when they came to know about the truth, they decided to correct the name.

According to the man, his name on his ration card was misprinted — not once, but thrice. The third time, instead of Srikanti Kumar Dutta, it read Srikanti Kumar “Kutta”.

NDTV quoted Dutta as saying, “The first time, they mentioned my name as Srikanta Mondal. I am not Mondal. I went to Duarey Sarkar and applied for rectification. Then they made my name Srikanto Dutta instead of Srikanti Kumar Dutta. I applied to Duarey Sarkar camp again… On the 11th, I applied again and when I downloaded it, I noticed my name was changed to Srikanti Kumar Kutta. When I saw this, I felt mentally harassed.”

Finally he resorted to the strange stunt. After the incident, the authorities assured him that his name will be rectified in two days.

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