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Hindu teacher teaching in madrasa dispels lies & hate spread by right wingers

"Had they been taught radicalism they would not have interest coming to madrasa."

A video has been posted on YouTube and shared on twitter in which a Hindu lady who teaches in a madrasa exposes the false propaganda against madrasas spread by the right wingers and anti-Muslim elements.

In the video she can be heard saying, ‘I am a Hindu no doubt, but I have never found any truth in the rumours being spread. All languages are taught here. Urdu, Hindi, English, Sanskrit.’

She says that no activities are done here except that the children come here, study and go home.

The Hindu teacher added that earlier she was also scared to join the madrasa after watching all those stuff against madrasas in media but after joining the madrasa she felt that that was all propaganda.

The teacher observes that the interest of students in studies shows that they are taught serious studies. Had they been taught radicalism they would not have interest coming to madrasa.

“I fully feel protected here. There is nothing to fear about. Students and teachers are very cooperative towards me,” The Hindu teacher claimed.

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