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Hindus join twitter storm #ArrestBajrangMuni after he incites mass rape of Muslim women

As soon as the hate speech outside a mosque in Uttar Pradesh’s Sitapur district, of Bajrang Muni, a mahant who threatened to kidnap and rape Muslim women surfaced on social media twitter was flooded with calls #ArrestBajrangMuni not only by Muslims but by the sensible members of Hindu community as well.

The call was also initiated by a Hindu journalist Kaushik Raj who tweeted: “My dear Hindu community, how are you okay with an influential monk threatening mass rape of Muslim women in front of a Masjid with loud cheers of our God’s name? Is this how you want our religion to be known? If not, speak up. #ArrestBajrangMuni

Initiating the call for arrest he wrote in his another tweet: “Silence is complicity. Bajrang Muni publicly incited mass rape of Muslim women. Join the twitter storm #ArrestBajrangMuni and demand his arrest.”

Calling his immediate arrest, Jyoti Kumari tweets: #ArrestBajrangMuni I am Hindu But I never support this type of thinking So Arrest him fastly

Piyush Rai lamented: “Instead of apologising on his derogatory remarks against muslim women, hatemonger Bajrang Muni takes on Alt news co-founder Mohammed Zubair for his viral tweet.”

Neha wrote: “All those who love ‘Ram’ must speak against Bajrang Muni. It is in the name of ‘Ram’ that, he wants to drag women out of their homes and rape them. He wants to make the beloved Ram complicit in his own sexual violence. He wants to make you complicit too. #ArrestBajrangMuni!”

While joining #ArrestBajrangMuni storm, Vinamra discloses: “ For your information : Bajrang – One of the names of Hindu Deity who is associated with celibacy , humility, devotion and respect for women Muni – Ascetic who has controlled his vile emotions Do you want the two words to be associated with a vile person?”

Meanwhile taking cognizance of the hate speech, National Commission of Women also sought arrest of the accused at the earliest.


has taken serious note of the incident and condemns the statement made by the accused. Chairperson


has written to


to immediately intervene and to register an FIR against the accused. NCW has also sought arrest of the accused at the earliest.

The video of the hate speech was shared on twitter by Mohammed Zubair, co-founder of fact-check website AltNews, saying that the video was shot on April 2 but no action had been taken by the police even after five days.

A man clad in saffron robes is seen in the video addressing a gathering from inside a jeep. A man in a police uniform can also be spotted in the background. The priest is being cheered by the crowd with “Jai Shri Ram” slogans. He purportedly says that if a Muslim harasses any girl in the area, he would kidnap Muslim women and publicly rape them. The threat is met with loud cheers by the crowd. 

The man is reportedly the local mahant in a small town Khairabad about 100 km from Lucknow.

Another video is doing the rounds on social media which shows four cops in the frame, three of them in the same vehicle as the priest as he delivers the hate speech. 

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