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NGO throws Divorce Celebration Party: Invitation card goes viral

The NGO organization is all set to throw a grand party at a resort on the outskirts of Bhopal on 18th of this month.

New Delhi: A wonderful party is being organized by a Bhopal-based non-governmental organisation (NGO) for 18 people who divorced their wives. The invitation card has gone viral on social media. 

In 2014, an organization called ‘Bhai Welfare Society’ was established in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, with the aim of supporting men seeking divorce, helping husbands, who were tired of wives’ harassment, in legal battles to obtain divorces from wives.

With the help of ‘Bhai Welfare Society’, 18 men have been divorced in the last three years after a long-drawn legal battle. Against this backdrop, the NGO organization is all set to throw a grand party at a resort on the outskirts of Bhopal on 18th of this month. 18 people who have been divorced in the last three years have been invited to this party, and they will be honored at this event.
On the other hand, the convener of the organization, Zaki Ahmed, told the media that he is receiving threatening phone calls regarding this program. He said that the aim of his organization is not to support divorce but sometimes people give up their lives after getting tired of the problems and harassment after marriage. He explained that his organization provides free counseling and legal assistance to affected husbands to avoid such incidents.

It is intended as a symbolic acceptance of life beyond marriage and to “motivate” people to continue to live their lives.

The men’s rights group, associated with the Save Indian Family Foundation, is celebrating victory in lawsuits based on allegations of dowry, domestic violence and other court battles fought over maintenance. Times Now News reported.

Organising committee member, Zaki Ahmed noted that legal cases drain victims both financially and mentally.

The report revealed that among the 18 men is a man who was married for a day but ended up waiting for a year to be divorced.

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