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#StandWithZubair trending on twitter following AltNews co-founder’s arrest

"The government of India must stop suppressing journalists and human rights defenders, and respect personal liberties of all its citizens. "

Delhi Police has arrested fact-checker Mohammed Zubair for alleged provocative post. Since then #StandWithZubair is trending on twitter and Twitterati have taken to the microblogging platform to express their disappointment and anger over the move.

An author, politician, and former international civil servant, Shashi Tharoor calls for immediate release of Zubair by tweeting, “India’s few fact-checking services, especially @AltNews, perform a vital service in our post-truth political environment, rife with disinformation. They debunk falsehoods whoever perpetrates them. To arrest @zoo_bear is an assault on truth. He should be released immediately.”

Coming in support of fact-checker Zubair, MP Mahua Moitra writes, “Zubair is a fact checker. Vital part of democracy is weeding out disinformation. Not a politician. Not a preacher. Why then are only opposition leaders coming out in support?

nafratoñ kī jañg meñ dekho to kyā kyā kho gayā

sabziyāñ hindū huiiñ bakrā musalmāñ ho gayā

Editorial cartoonist Satish Acharya posted a cartoon stating, “Satyamev Jayate! Truth Alone Triumphs!

Expressing solidarity with Zubair, well-known youtuber Dhruv Rathee writes, “According to Delhi Police, Zubair is arrested because an anonymous Twitter account with 1 follower complained that his sentiments are hurt. But Komal Sharma couldn’t be arrested despite video evidence of violence. What a joke this whole system is! #IStandWithZubair

Indian journalist and opinion columnist with The Washington Post Rana Ayyub observes, “The Prime Minister of India talks about the horrors of Emergency while he has unleashed one in India. Journalist Zubair who routinely busted fake news, exposed the hate machinery in India has just been arrested. The country is punishing those who reported, documented the decline”

A twitter user Sohit Mishra exclaims, “Delhi police has arrested @zoo bear But for what? To expose the mindset of few people who don’t think twice before insulting someone’s religion on national TV??

Expressing concern over the arrest of Zubair, a twitter user writes, “The news concerning the arrest of @zoo bear of @AltNews is deeply concerning. The government of India must stop suppressing journalists and human rights defenders, and respect personal liberties of all its citizens. #StandWithZubair

Another notes, “Zubair  @zoo_bear is one of the most ferociously effective journalists against the current dispensation, and this is a transparent attack on journalism. He cannot be in jail simply for being good at his job. #standwithzubair

Azad Sadaf points out, “Nupur Sharma made a statement against a particular religion on live TV in front of millions viewers wasn’t arrested, but Mohammad Zubair @zoo_bear who exposed him has been arrested by Delhi Police. This shouldn’t be called open legal brashness. #StandwithZubair #IStandWithZubair


who has always stood against hatred and propaganda, exposed the communal agenda, has been arrested by Delhi Police without any notice today. He has always exposed these rioters many times, for which he is getting punishment. We all stand with truth We #standwithzubair

Cofounder of AltNews


arrested by #DelhiPolice Not to forget India’s Press Freedom Index is at all time lowest 150! #standwithzubair

Citizens in India are witnessing the dismantling of democracy in front of their eyes . @zoo_bear has busted fake news, hate speech & always stood for Constitutional values. I stand in solidarity with him.

@DelhiPolice must release him.

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