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WhatsApp’s new feature may limit polls to only 1 choice

In addition to the new poll feature, WhatsApp is also rolling out a profile icon display feature for group chats on Android beta.

The messaging platform WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, is said to be working on a new feature for its Android beta version. The WhatsApp’s feature will allow poll creators to limit the poll to only one choice, which is aimed at avoiding confusion in group conversations. According to reports from WABetaInfo, the new option will be available within the poll composer, and it is expected to provide clearer and more accurate poll results.

Currently, when users select multiple options in a poll, it may be difficult to determine which option is the most popular or the final result. By limiting the poll to only one choice, the new feature is expected to eliminate ambiguity and make it easier for everyone in the conversation to understand the poll results. The feature is still under development, and it will be released in a future update of the application.

In addition to the new poll feature, WhatsApp is also rolling out a profile icon display feature for group chats on Android beta. This feature will help users to better identify group members by showing their profile icons, making it easier to participate in group conversations. With this feature, users will no longer have to guess who is who in the group chat, especially if the group has a large number of members.

Overall, WhatsApp’s new features are expected to improve the user experience on WhatsApp and make group conversations more efficient and less confusing. It remains to be seen when these features will be available for all users, but the Android beta version is a good indication that they are coming soon.

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app that allows users to send text, voice, and video messages, make voice and video calls, share documents and images, and more, all over the internet. It was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, and was later acquired by Facebook in 2014. WhatsApp is available for free download on various platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows, and uses end-to-end encryption to ensure user privacy and security. The app has become a widely-used communication tool around the world, particularly in countries where cellular data plans may be expensive and access to Wi-Fi is limited.

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