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YouTube removes Dr Israr Ahmad’s official channel; Here’s why

In a fresh incident of Islamophobia, YouTube has taken down the official channel of Dr. Israr Ahmad which was named “Dr. Israr Ahmed’s Official Channel”.

Surrendering to the pressure of Israeli media outlets like ‘The Jewish Chronicle’ YouTube deleted the channel alleging that it has anti-Semitic content. Muslim world is shocked by the development.

The London-based weekly newspaper, The Jewish Chronicle, the world’s oldest and most influential Jewish newspaper is said to have led the campaign, started in June 2021, which resulted in the removal of Dr. Israr Ahmed’s Official Channel.

The channel of the renowned late Islamic scholar was operated by his son, Asif Hameed. The channel had around 3 million subscribers and over 370 million views.

Calling the move a blatant act of Islamophobia, Tanzeem-e-Islami, a movement founded by Dr Israr Ahmed, tweeted out to YouTube.

The Ameer of Tanzeem-e-Islami Shujauddin Shaikh vehemently condemned the removal of Dr Israr Ahmad Official YouTube channel from the platform. He claimed that the channel had been a thorn in the sight of enemies of Islam since its launch. Continuous attempts have been made over the years to remove this chancel by concocting false allegations against it. He added.

Maulana Shujauddin lamented that labeling the condemnation of the oppression and brutalities of the malevolent global powers based on the message of the Quran and Ahadeeth as ‘hate speech’ is an outright violation of the so-called principles of freedom of expression advocated by the West and social media platforms.

He informed that Tanzeem-e-Islami has commenced a robust legal and procedural action in response to this shameful act on all relevant and concerned platforms.

He warned that if Muslims in their individual capacities and the Muslim Ummah, as a collective whole, did not give timely and vigorous response on such malicious incidents of Islamophobia and prejudice, then we would all have to face similar, yet increasingly provocative actions in the future.

Meanwhile, Muslims on various media platforms have demanded restoration of the popular channel.

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