Hyderabad Woman Arrested for Kidnapping of Techie with Intent to Force Marriage

Trisha hired goons to kidnap Pranav on Feb 11, driven by infatuation, despite his reluctance.

Trisha, a woman entrepreneur in Hyderabad running a digital marketing business, was apprehended by Uppal police on Friday for allegedly kidnapping and confining Pranav, a techie who also works part-time as a news anchor from a Telugu TV channel, in Hyderabad. Trisha’s interest in Pranav stemmed from photos she saw on a reputed matrimony site, although the situation was complicated by cyber miscreants creating a fake ID in Pranav’s name.

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Despite Pranav not reciprocating Trisha’s feelings, she continued to pester him for marriage. In a disturbing turn, it was discovered that Trisha had secretly installed a GPS device in Pranav’s car to track his movements.

Trisha’s persistence escalated when she hired four goons to carry out the kidnapping. On February 11, while Pranav was returning home from duty, he was abducted and taken to Trisha’s office, where he was confined to a room.

Despite Pranav’s reluctance, Trisha’s infatuation drove her to extreme measures. Trisha, known for her involvement in five startup companies and possessing substantial wealth, orchestrated the kidnapping out of her desire to marry Pranav.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Purshottam Reddy confirmed Trisha’s arrest, though the four individuals involved in Pranav’s kidnapping were still at large.

However, Pranav managed to escape from Trisha’s captivity and promptly sought police assistance. The Uppal police intervened, arresting Trisha, who was subsequently remanded.

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